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3 January 2010    Mikey and Kumiko and I went to Ikkicon, an up and coming anime/manga convention here in Austin. Of course I took lots of photos with my new Olympus E-P2. This is my first serious digital camera and it works like a charm. Besides the samples below, you can see all the photos in my Ikkicon 2010 Photo Gallery.

I was shocked by how many people wore costumes to this event. I would estimate that 70% of those in attendance were in some kind of costume, ranging from simple clip-on fox tails and cat ears to full fur suits to amazingly elaborate and detailed make-up and prosthetics.

Thanks to all of you for letting me snap your picture. It was fun and inspiring to see you come together in your weirdness and let loose. I think there's little opportunity for people to really revel publicly in this kind of mania, so the atmosphere and comeraderie of Ikkicon must be fantastic for all of you truly captivated and dedicated manga and anime fans. You're amazing.

The Yellow Caballero from Pokemon

A blue dude

The Pink Posse: including Chi from Chobits